BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRemove some paranoia about missing commandsMichael Smith2 hours
v0.4-BETAcommit 74563bfb8c...Michael Smith12 months
v0.3-HOTFIXcommit 1ed84a25c2...Michael Smith13 months
v0.3-BETAcommit cc9785e38c...Michael Smith13 months
v0.2-BETAcommit 0da31e9f42...Michael Smith17 months
v0.1-BETAcommit eb6fc16764...Michael Smith19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 hoursRemove some paranoia about missing commandsHEADmasterMichael Smith
3 hoursPrune some comments and tidy up other minor thingsMichael Smith
7 daysAdapt vote reset code into fast campaign resettingMichael Smith
2023-05-21Improve os_dlfile() interfaceMichael Smith
2023-05-21Remove a couple more unused headers from nomuteMichael Smith
2023-05-21Apply CRLF to dist/ in EditorConfigMichael Smith
2023-05-21Add command to reset L4D2 vote cooldownsWillian Henrique
2023-05-21Support decoding a bunch of MMX/SSE instructionsMichael Smith
2023-05-17Add some server entity code-crawling machineryMichael Smith
2023-05-17Fix some woopsies I hastily pushed last nightMichael Smith