BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterHotfix broken Portal 5135 autojumpMichael Smith3 weeks
v0.6-HOTFIXcommit 604dbdc53b...Michael Smith3 weeks
v0.6-BETAcommit b4210731d9...Michael Smith3 weeks
v0.5-BETAcommit 7893ef46f8...Michael Smith12 months
v0.4-BETAcommit 74563bfb8c...Michael Smith2 years
v0.3-HOTFIXcommit 1ed84a25c2...Michael Smith2 years
v0.3-BETAcommit cc9785e38c...Michael Smith2 years
v0.2-BETAcommit 0da31e9f42...Michael Smith2 years
v0.1-BETAcommit eb6fc16764...Michael Smith3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2024-05-28Hotfix broken Portal 5135 autojumpHEADv0.6-HOTFIXmasterMichael Smith
2024-05-27Set the release zip date for 0.6v0.6-BETAMichael Smith
2024-05-27Hide custom crosshair in menus/load screensMichael Smith
2024-05-22Support fast-forwarding 38 custom L4D2 campaignsHayden K
2024-05-22Prepare a changelog for next releaseMichael Smith
2024-05-21Disable fastfwd outside L4D so SPT doesn't breakMichael Smith
2024-05-21Add temporary plugin version identifier to demosMichael Smith
2024-05-21Deal with the stupid NVDTOR situationMichael Smith
2024-05-21Fix compatibility with latest L4D2 updateWillian Henrique
2024-05-05Fix miscategorised jmp instructionMichael Smith