BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix a sizeof blunder I happened to notice recentlyMichael Smith2 months
v0.4-BETAcommit 74563bfb8c...Michael Smith10 months
v0.3-HOTFIXcommit 1ed84a25c2...Michael Smith11 months
v0.3-BETAcommit cc9785e38c...Michael Smith11 months
v0.2-BETAcommit 0da31e9f42...Michael Smith15 months
v0.1-BETAcommit eb6fc16764...Michael Smith16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-01-15Fix a sizeof blunder I happened to notice recentlyHEADmasterMichael Smith
2023-01-15Document more recent knowledge on the lag issueMichael Smith
2023-01-15Remove fov.h that was mistakenly left behindMichael Smith
2023-01-15Fix deferred init for Portal 2 compatibilityMichael Smith
2022-12-26Fix FOV feature crashing Portal 3420 on map loadWillian Henrique
2022-12-25Add basic mouse input scalingMichael Smith
2022-09-20Fix dumb oversight in codegenMichael Smith
2022-09-13Fix some lingering idiocyMichael Smith
2022-09-13Move towards C23, improve events and vcall macrosMichael Smith
2022-09-13Enforce L4D2 FPS limit properly when loaded lateMichael Smith