tag namev0.5-BETA (1ae5973a86da53d9e7c9c383e61421382c44aff6)
tag date2023-06-11 22:41:16 +0100
tagged byMichael Smith <>
tagged objectcommit 7893ef46f8...
SST Beta 0.5 (a.k.a Spectacular Scheduling Triumph)
I don't want to talk about how long this took to get out. I made the mistake of tying the release to certain features that I simply didn't have time to work on, and eventually just had to give up and release what's done. On the plus side, we did manage to sneak in some cool features: * New sst_alias_remove and sst_alias_clear commands to get rid of aliases without restarting the game * L4D1/2 instant resetting with sst_l4d_quickreset, which will jump directly to the start of a campaign and clear all vote cooldowns as required (thanks bill for helping with this one!) * Unhidden cl_showdemooverlay for use as a quick and dirty recording indicator, for those who are paranoid about forgetting to record * Backported snd_mute_losefocus to hear the game while tabbed out into another window (thanks bill again!) * sst_mouse_factor to scale raw mouse input for view-snapping trickery And, there's a few other changes and fixes: * Autojump in Portal 1 now requires sv_cheats, per moderators' request * The plugin should be able to load under Portal 2 again, although it doesn't do that much and realistically you'd use That Other Plugin instead :^) * That issue with Unicode paths (first reported by Serg) is finally fixed. So, if for example you put your video game in a folder named "Игры" on a Russian install of Windows, SST should actually work now. Hooray for actually releasing bug fixes that have sat in Git for months! Plus there's been a ton of code cleanup and there's ongoing internal improvements to make development easier, so that IN THEORY we can make future updates more easily. Yeah.. we'll see about that. Thanks, and have fun!