tag namev0.6-BETA (5d175ff44dca9b012c5fd2a3ef8a25672618bc5e)
tag date2024-05-27 22:38:08 +0100
tagged byMichael Smith <>
tagged objectcommit b4210731d9...
SST Beta 0.6 (a.k.a Scarlett Sues Techbros)
This is mostly a bugfix release, but there's a couple of nice new features too. It took a while because we were planning on doing The Demo Stuff, but that's still not happened, and a recent L4D2 update broke the plugin and made it crash, so it seems like a decent time to just release an update. New features: * sst_xhair_* commands for a custom crosshair, to avoid having to use external tools to get a decent crosshair in games like Left 4 Dead (thanks wozniak for implementing most of the VGUI/HUD code!) * Speaking of Left 4 Dead: sst_l4d_quickreset will now fast-forward through cutscenes automatically by default (this can be configured with sst_l4d_quickreset_fastfwd); sst_l4d_quickreset_peektime controls how long to spend looking at item spawns in e.g. Swamp. This also supports a ton of custom campaigns - thanks aciidz for that! * Mouse scaling with sst_mouse_factor now works in Left 4 Dead 1 * Autojump now supports Portal 3420 Bugfixes: * Fixed crash in latest L4D2 update (thanks bill!) * Fixed broken VDF creation (sst_autoload_enable) in old Source branches * Features in the load message are now sorted in a less strange way * The plugin now loads in a somewhat simpler way, without having to find and parse gameinfo.txt. * Fixed a case in L4D2 where fps_max could be set incorrectly And, as a bonus, the stupid heckin' Visual Studio Runtime crap is no longer required. The plugin should Just Work on any Windows 10 or 11 machine without anything else having to be installed. Thanks, and have fun!